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Tooth Removal at Timberlea Dental

Tooth Extractions

Wisdom and problem teeth removal at Timberlea Dental in Fort McMurray.

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Dental Extractions in Fort McMurray

At Timberlea Dental Clinic, our primary objective is always to assist you to maintain healthy teeth for an entire lifetime.

With that said, there may be times when it is required to extract a tooth to keep up with your oral health.  Our dentists, Dr. Heinzelman and Dr. Choi, can help you through your extraction.. Furthermore, we offer you options for sedation to help you feel at ease during your dental treatment.

When Will I Need a Tooth Extraction?

Quite often, the third molars also called the “wisdom” teeth, require removal for a couple of reasons. At times, they may be crowding your other teeth given that there is no adequate space for them. They may be difficult to reach to be able to keep clean. They also could be impacted beneath your gum line. Dr. Heinzelman and Dr. Choi will examine your panoramic x-ray with you to determine whether your wisdom teeth have to be extracted.

An extraction can be an ideal choice for a tooth that has been damaged, injured, infected, or decayed beyond what a crown or root canal can repair. With anesthetics, our doctors will do their best to make sure you feel at ease all through the entire procedure, and sedation is an option for patients who are nervous for the procedure.

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Replacing a Missing Tooth

If at any point in time you have had to extract a tooth other than a third molar, you want to look at what your options are for replacing the tooth. A missing tooth significantly impacts the quality of life in several ways. It can negatively affect your self-confidence, nutrition, oral health and overall well being.

There are a lot of options for replacing missing teeth, and our doctors can speak to you about these options as a way to help you choose the most suitable option.

A few of the options our doctors can talk to you about include:

Dental Implants – generally considered to be the best replacement for your tooth, a dental implant most accurately imitate your natural tooth.

Partial Denture – Partials are usually a choice for patients with multiple missing teeth. Like a puzzle piece, a partial-denture anchors to your teeth with metal clasps and holds prosthetic teeth that fill in open spaces.

Dental Bridge – With this, a prosthetic tooth is used to substitute for your missing tooth and uses your healthy teeth as anchors.

Full Denture – This happens to be the best choice for patients who are missing, all, or most, of their teeth. A full denture is a detachable prosthetic mainly crafted from acrylic.

All dental services performed by a general dentist
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