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Dental Implants

Learn about Dental Implant options at Timberlea Dental Clinic.
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Dental Implants in Fort McMurray

People with missing teeth are usually frustrated or perhaps embarrassed by the inconvenience and discomfort of dentures. They often experience difficulty eating and are worried about their physical appearance making dental implants a feasible option.

The “implant” is the term for a little titanium post that takes the place of the tooth root. They assist in preserving bony structure; they prevent the wearing away that naturally happens after a tooth is removed. With accurate procedural placement and enough time for recovery, the implant will have integrated into the bone, forming a solid foundation on which the prosthesis (a bridge, crown or denture) is placed. Adequate oral hygiene and routine treatments with your dentist are important for implant durability.

The Surgical Procedure

For the majority of individuals, the placement of dental implants entails two surgical treatments. First, implants are surgically fixed into the bone. Usually, the perfect time for this is three to six months after removal of the tooth.  The implants stay underneath the surface of the gums, as the bone steadily grows into the implant surface. This takes place for three months following surgery, and during this period you can wear a temporary denture.

Surgical Advancements

Making use of the most recent advances in dental implant techniques and technology, our doctors can place “immediate” implants or “single stage” implants. Single stage implants only require one treatment to uncover them. Immediate implants are placed alongside with the tooth extraction – further reducing the number of procedures.

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What Kinds Of Prosthesis Are Available?

A single prosthesis substitute for one missing tooth – each prosthetic tooth hooks up to its implant. A partial prosthesis can replace a couple of teeth and requires just 2 or 3 implants. A complete dental prosthesis is utilized to replace all of the teeth in your lower or upper jaw. The numbers of implants differ based upon which kind of complete prosthesis utilized. A detachable prosthesis connects to special attachment or a bar while a fixed prosthesis is permanent and extractable only by the dental professional.

Are You A Candidate For Implants?

Before you opt for implants, your Dentist will require a 3 dimensional x-ray, perform a dental exam and they will also review your dental and medical history. If your mouth isn’t well suited for implants, techniques of enhancing result, like bone grafting, may be suggested. Smoking and particular health conditions such as bisphosphonate use or poorly controlled diabetes can increase the potential risks of the dental implant procedure. Our doctors are going to explain all these to you at your consultation appointment.

What Kind Of Anesthesia Is Utilized?

Most of the dental implants are completed in the facility under local anesthesia. More complex cases or perhaps cases that involve bone grafting may require general anesthesia or IV sedation and we would refer you to Timberlea Services Centre for these procedures.

Do Implants Demand Special Care?

The moment the implants are in place, they can last well for several years however they still require proper care to keep them healthy with the inclusion of hygiene appointments with your general dental practitioner.

All dental services performed by a general dentist.

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