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Dental bridges in Fort McMurray

Dental Bridges

Timberlea Dental provides Crown and Bridges in Fort McMurray.
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Dental Bridges in Fort McMurray

Dental work requires extensive precision especially when a patient requires an implant or bridge. A dental bridge works as a solid structure that can hold together an artificial tooth or a series of teeth in a row between two main crowned teeth. These reinforced teeth will hold in a bridge or permanent selection of teeth that can fill in gaps, assist with digestion and more.

The procedure is usually brief and primarily cosmetic. The process of getting started with building a bridge usually first involves fashioning crowns on the two anchor teeth for the bridge. Multiple bridges can be used in the place of false teeth or to change the structure of someone’s smile. There are many reasons why a bridge can be recommended by a dental professional, so it’s best to speak with our dentists at Timberlea Dental here in Fort McMurray to learn about your options.

What are the benefits of getting a bridge?

Keeping Teeth In Place

Adding in a dental bridge can help to preserve the root structure as well as the enamel of your teeth. When teeth are removed and large gaps remain this will cause other teeth to shift and this can put extra stress on teeth as well as sometimes damage and expose the roots of teeth during the shifting process. Installing a bridge can immediately reduce the chances of this shifting occurring.

Maintaining Facial Structure

If a dental patient is missing a wide gap of teeth due to an accident or severe tooth decay, this could potentially change the look of their face. Over time after a selection of teeth are removed the cheek and jaw line can begin to cave in very slightly which can contribute to the aging process on a patients face.

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Repairing Smiles

Gaps in your smile can be a big concern especially if you are focused on cosmetics. Rather than feeling self-conscious about your appearance you could have a dental bridge is installed to change the look of your smile. The process can be fairly simply and it doesn’t take too much time to crown the tooth, manufacture the bridge and then install it for a patient.

Bite Pattern Support

When you’re having trouble with your bite pattern this can contribute to a sore jaw as well as crooked teeth, poor digestive habits and more. Bringing back your normal bite pattern can ensure that you have support for digestion as well as better support for biting and chewing.

Dental Bridges for Speaking and Chewing

Missing teeth and a changing jaw structure can actually effect the way that you speak. You can eventually adapt to speaking with major gaps in your teeth and other potential changes that can occur as a result of the aging process or tooth decay. Installing a permanent bridge however can help you to better form words and potentially even solve problems that may have been occurring with speech.
All dental services performed by a general dentist
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