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About Timberlea Dental

All dental service preformed by a general dentist.

Timberlea Dental Clinci Fort McMurray

Timberlea Dental Clinic is located in the heart of the Timberlea area in Fort McMurray. It was established in 2007 by Dr. Rodica Redl, providing a new service in this growing area of Fort McMurray.  In 2015, Dr. Redl made the decision to retire and at that time Dr. Viet Tran and Dr. Phil Heinzelman bought Timberlea Dental Clinic and have since enjoyed being a part of this team.

Dental Hygienist Fort McMurray

Most of our staff has worked at Timberlea Dental Clinic for many years and we all do our best to make our office inviting as we know that going to the Dentist can be hard for some people. We welcome a variety of ages from 6 months and up, and we do our best to accommodate the individual needs of all of our patients. Our office has two Dentists to choose from for your first visit to our office – Dr. Phil Heinzelman and Dr. Ji Won Choi. You also can choose which Dental Hygienist you want to book with for your first hygiene appointment or we can recommend one. We know that it is important to a lot of people to build rapport with your Dentist and your Dental Hygienist, so we do our best to book you with your same Hygienist and Dentist so that we can be familiar with your dental needs.

Our office is wheelchair accessible, we use digital x-rays and we do our best to stay up to date with modern technology to better serve our patients. We have a Planmeca ProMax Cone Beam CT scanner in our office so that we are able to take 3D images if necessary for our patients with difficult wisdom teeth extractions or for placement of dental implants. Our office does offer direct billing if you’d like us to work with your dental insurance company to utilize your benefits.

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Timberlea Dental Clinic has 2 general dentists to serve all your needs.


We have 15 staff members, including our dentists to provide your dental services.

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